A chewing gum for those looking for alternatives, for all lateral thinkers
and those in-the-know, for everyone who likes to shout about things and those who are
more discreet - in any case, for ME!

Available in all pharmacies
Has a positive effect on:
the nervous system and
on mental performance

Travelling in far-flung countries was at one time still a real adventure, at times dangerous and risky. It was about diving into the unknown which was there to be discovered. Dr. Pircher travelled to the remotest areas of Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia and Panama to pursue his scientific curiosity as a hydraulic engineer and adventurer. Time and again on all these journeys he came across ancient tribes deep in the jungle and learned about the cultures of the indigenous people. He was able to observe these people, far removed from civilisation, to listen to them and in particular to learn from them. What was really fascinating to him was that all these different tribes had a strong similarity with their ceremonies and spiritual rituals. There were people with a very specific self-awareness, people who followed their instincts in many situations and who trusted their gut instinct – curious and fearless, impassioned and untroubled, with a very special sense of belonging and yet individual and unique. And they had one thing, their mysterious potions brewed from a range of roots ...and leaves to chew on.


About chewing gum

Great for concentration
Day-to-day life demands a great deal of mental performance from every person – whether it be in their job, in traffic or studying. Attention and an ability to concentrate are required. Chewing gum improves both these things, since by merely chewing gum, blood and oxygen supplies are increased by up to 25%.
Dr. Pircher’s Relaxation chewing gum is also bolstered by B vitamins and the amino acid tryptophan. With improved circulation and a positive effect on the nervous system, there is a positive effect upon the ability to learn and in memory retention.
Helps counter stress
While measuring brain waves Japanese scientists have discovered that when chewing gum areas of the brain are stimulated which have a positive influence upon stress management. In addition, the ingredients of Dr. Pircher’s Relaxation chewing gum have a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system.
Chewing gum helps you lose weight
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in the USA discovered that chewing gum increased the metabolic rate. Calories are used by chewing first of all and then positive signals are sent to the brain’s satiety centre. Study participants burned up to 2100 calories in a month – related study supervisor and nutritionist Kathleen Melanson from the University of Rhode at a conference for the American Society for Obesity.
Good for teeth
Chewing gum stimulates saliva flow and this has a positive effect on oral health. Food deposits and harmful acids are, so to speak, washed from the teeth and this starves the harmful bacteria. Sugar-free gum is of course needed for this. Dr. Pircher’s Relaxation chewing gum also neutralises the bacteria which trigger unpleasant odours.
Good for flying
Flight passengers know the unpleasant feeling in their ears they get at take-off or landing. The cause – when pressure equalisation in the middle ear is not functioning optimally, the eardrum is pushed in. Chewing gum helps alleviate ear pain. Chewing stimulates saliva flow and also stimulates swallowing. Chewing, yawning and swallowing actively support pressure equalisation.
Super for oral health
Sugar-free chewing gum stimulates salivation. This increases the pH values in the mouth and harmful acids are simply washed away. Chewing gum also helps counter dry mouth (xerostomia). Xerostomia can cause bad breath, a higher susceptibility to infection in the oral and pharynx areas, difficulty in swallowing, gum infections and dental caries. Dr. Pircher’s Relaxation chewing gum also has no added sugar and no toxic aspartame.
Nibbling with no regrets.
This is what chewing gum provides at a mere 2 to 22 calories per piece. However it is not only for this reason that scientific studies suggest that chewing gum can be a sensible alternative to calorie-laden snacks. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in the USA discovered that chewing gum elevated the metabolic rate by around 20 percent. According to this study, chewing expended about 11 calories in an hour. So, in theory at least, around 5 kilograms of body fat could be burned in the course of a year.
...great for heartburn
Heartburn occurs when gastric juices and acid flow back into the oesophagus. Heartburn occurs after eating, in particular when too much food, too much fat or too much spicy food is eaten, or when you eat too quickly. Fast living also affects the stomach, as does being overweight and smoking. Medications weaken the closing mechanism between the oesophagus and the stomach. When gum is chewed for one to two hours after eating, these symptoms may be alleviated. Chewing stimulates the formation of saliva which has a neutralising effect on acids.
...great for stopping smoking
DChewing gum can help with stopping smoking. This is due to the fact that most smokers are accustomed to the feeling of having something in their mouth. Chewing gum fulfils this need. Dr. Pircher’s Relaxation chewing gum also supports the withdrawal phase thanks to the essential amino acid L-Tryptophan. This has a positive effect and reduces stress levels during withdrawal symptoms.

What’s inside -

and what makes it UNIQUE

Vitamin B6
Bolsters nerves - vitamin B6 has a big role to play in ensuring that the central nervous system is running on all cylinders. Vitamin B6 also cranks up the formation of red blood cells (haemoglobin) and prevents anaemia and any induced weakness, lack of concentration, tiredness and pallor.
Pantothenic acid
Supports the heartbeat, lung function, digestion and is responsible for stress relief in the body, which is why pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) is often described as the anti-stress vitamin. Pantothenic acid also breaks down fat, carbohydrate, toxins and amino acids.
Tryptophan is an essential amino acid which the body cannot produce itself. Intake must be ensured since it acts as a precursor in the manufacture of serotonin. Serotonin regulates the mood and intellectual and physical performance. Tryptophan has a positive effect on the mind.

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